Friday, 29th October, the RSG Enkhuizen was transported back in time to the era of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). It was a time, when children were seen and not heard. Our first year DLE-pupils took on roles in society that are far-removed from their lives today. More than half the children at that time died before the age of 8.

Our pupils were all given acting roles and directions by the terrific English actors Kate and Kyle. These two actors put on three workshops for our pupils, teaching them about Victorian life and helping them to understand the privileges that they enjoy today as children in the 21st century. No longer do they have to work in the sewers, mines, under heavy machinery nor indeed beg for money to feed their families or themselves.

The actors were incredibly impressed by our pupils’ English. We even think that some of the pupils didn’t realise that they were thinking in English, speaking in English and also acting in English. It was an impressive 90 minutes for us to watch and admire the pupils’ work. It’s hard to believe that these pupils have only been with us for the last 9 weeks. Well done, first-years!