Travel and Tourism kicks off with guest speaker

Enkhuizen, we live here and go to school here, but what do tourists see in Enkhuizen and why do they visit us. Armed with questions in English, our Dual Language vmbo-pupils listened to an interesting presentation and posed numerous questions about statistics, business travel, trends and spending here.

We now know that the largest sector of the market visiting our region stems from Germany, according to our guest speaker Peter Timmermans from Marketing Enkhuizen. This German segment of tourists generally is aged above 50 and travels mainly without their children. In addition, they only come for short stays to Enkhuizen, due to the lack of options for longer stay accommodation. However, what is spent by the average tourist isn’t influenced by the lack of longer stay accommodation. In fact, they spend more as they enjoy walking in the heart of the historical town, the unique shops and of course our very own open air Zuiderzee Museum and not to forget the children’s paradise of “Sprookjeswonderland – a magnet for the largely domestic market” Enkhuizen is unique after all, as we are one of the few Dutch towns with ample access by water, bike, train and car, with 200 cruise boats mooring in the town each year.

Of course, with COVID-19, the town has a number of new challenges and the question remains whether the vision for tourism development will remain in place for 2030 or will we need a lot more time to recover economically from the effects of this virus.

Our thanks for a very interesting morning’s talk from Peter Timmermans. Our pupils now have a lot more information for the first part of their BTEC Travel & Tourism level II project.

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