Day 2: Erasmus+ HEROES

Wednesday morning saw our intrepid HEROES head into Enkhuizen to see how the Dutch keep their feet dry with the water management system of dykes and pumphouses. It was surprising to many of the visitors that the room that is used at school could have be an aquarium if any of the dykes was to break. Mr. M. Burger taught the pupils a lesson about the geography of the land, armed with a map of The Netherlands, a bath tub and a jerrycan of water. The interactive lesson had the group engaged as the history of our area was detailed.

With a walk along the pier, the IJsselmeer and Markermeer were pointed out and our modern landmark of the Naviduct and its use was explained. A group photo at the Landje van Top was next on the list with the Drommedaris in the background! Armed with a task the pupils headed off with their guests to complete the work in town.

The afternoon brought the two Sustainable Development Goals together of Quality Education and Good Health and Well-being. As in The Netherlands, the education systems in the UK and Spain are of high quality, we took the next task into creating the dream school for the next generation. In groups, the pupils had to think about the schools they had visited and think of what features would appear in their school of the future. With excellent ideas about how classrooms might look like to subjects offered, to what kind of food would be offered, the Department of Education in all three countries has enough food for thought for developing their schools for the future!

The day progressed into four workshops bringing in the holistic side of education, where pupils learnt about the “now” and dealing with stress through meditation; painting whilst listening to music and allowing the music to make the abstract art; a hip-hop dance workshop was next on the bill and the fourth workshop allowed pupils to learn to play the ukulele.

Onwards to the penultimate day of the project!