E is for Ecology

Concarneau was the destination today and the beautiful rocky landscape of the Atlantic Coast. The salty air and drizzle certainly didn’t dampen the Erasmus+ project participants’ enjoyment. With visits to the Museum of Fishing, a historic walk along the quaint walled old city and a visit to the Museum of the Sea, ecology was definitely in the forefronts of our minds.

From the whaling that used to take place in the waters around Brittany to the sardines that used to be tinned here, the Museum of Fishing took us back to the high days of the fishing fleet. With skeletons of whales present and indeed many intricately designed boats on display, the pupils were brought back to yesteryear. With interactive displays and some fun activities, the pupils really had to think about the future of fishing and how sustainable is our fishing at the moment.

The walk along the walled city of Concarneau was brought to life by our guide, Nathalie, who explained about how the nets in the area are all blue, which are used to fool the sardines that they are swimming to the top of the water, but are caught instead. Time was kept at the end of our visit for shopping in the many souvenir shops.

The Marinarium or the Museum of the Sea was our last stop, where we were given a workshop on the life cycle of a lobster. Did you know for example that lobsters are blue underwater and when they are cooked they turn red? Well, for the answer, ask any of our Erasmus+ pupils for the answer! The aquariums in the museum were mesmerising and showed how fruitful the seas are in and around Brittany.

After some free time, it was a 30-minute journey back to Quimper and for our pupils to be whisked away to eat at their French hosts’ houses. A smorgasbord of French culinary delights were made for our pupils and a very warm welcome from all of the hosts. On their return, the playground of the Collège was alive with the stories from their evening!

Our thanks to all of the French families who hosted our pupils this evening!

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