Erasmus+ exchange Part 1

On Tuesday, 20th September, the mavo 3 Dual Language Education pupils welcomed their counterparts from IES Ginés Pérez Chirinos to carry out a tourism project that even made the newspapers!

The exchanges have been made possible by generous subsidies from the European Commission under the auspices of Erasmus+ that seeks to offer pupils across Europe equal opportunities at taking part in educational mobilities.

What was the project about?

Teenagers see tourism differently than adults. They have different interests and that came to the fore, whilst the pupils set about visiting 30 locations in and around Enkhuizen to feature in their Tienergids van Enkhuizen, Guía de Enkhuizen para jóvenes or as it’s known in English: the Teenage Guidebook to Enkhuizen. The groups created their pieces in English and then translated these into Dutch and Spanish, and where possible, made a QR-code to direct visitors to the websites for further information

The week had long workdays, deadlines to meet, places to visit and people to interview, however, there were some fun moments too, for example pizza, popcorn and a movie and to close the week a fun evening at Happy Days go-carting and bowling!

The guides are now off for publishing and then these will be presented to the VVV /tourism office by way of a QR-code, so that visitors to Enkhuizen can scan the code and use the guidebooks made by our pupils in English, Dutch and Spanish.

The second part of the project is to create a similar guide for visitors to Caravaca de la Cruz, where our Spanish school is situated. We can’t wait to dive into the project again and to see what great places there are to visit in Caravaca for teenagers!

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