IIS Bramante Pannaggi welcomes t-mavo 3 to Macerata

Monday, 2nd October saw the start of the Erasmus+ funded “Sustainable Cities” project, set up by the RSG Enkhuizen and the IIS Bramante Pannaggi secondary school. The visit started with some fun games, fizzy drinks and snacks to break the ice between the two sets of penfriends. Once a face was matched to a name, the groups went off to visit the secondary school that specialises in teaching land surveying, architecture and engineering as well as the creative arts, television and desktop publishing.

With the mercury rising on this early October day to well over 27 degrees, it was time for our pupils to reveal more in their presentations about Enkhuizen, our school and indeed our fight against the water, our building of dykes and how we harvest energy from solar panels and wind turbines. The students in Italy, were amazed at the idea of biking to school, considering that the landscape has a lot more undulations than in The Netherlands!

After a wholesome lunch it was time to hear, learn and experience what Italian earthquakes are like in a talk give by Seismologist Francesca Pignataro. With simulation videos and explanations about the complex earthquakes that Macerata and the Marche region endure, the story came alive. With diaries written up, it was time to set off into town and learn more about the destination town of Macerata with its breathtaking churches, archtitecture and its parks!

Day one was a great success! Take a look at the photos below!