Last day: Erasmus+ HEROES

Last day: Erasmus+ HEROES

The final project day was upon us; the week together had just flown by, as we worked towards two deadlines for finishing the week’s digital newspapers and preparing for the final presentations. At 11 o’clock, our two invited guests, Mr. Wim Hoogervoorst, from Enkhuizen council and Mr. Eugène Kramer, Board of Governors at RSG Enkhuizen, entered the Erasmus room and listened to the work completed this week. The pupils all had to answer questions that were placed on their tables and give their own personal reactions to these questions. From goosebumps to a tear that needed a quick swipe of the finger, the learning from the week was encapsulated in this activity. The idea seeds, which had been sown during the week, had certainly started to germinate.

Both guests presented the pupils from Spain, England and The Netherlands with their certificates and their HEROES medals for their work completed.

After a lunch break, it was time to board the buses to Amsterdam for our final part of the project. A speech about Peace and Justice was the centrepiece at Dam Square, followed by a tour on the canals, so that pupils could really catch a glimpse of the severity of climate change if the sea levels rise and what that might do with the Amsterdam of today for tomorrow’s generations.

The project was closed off with a meal together at Humphrey’s – a vegetarian meal, to remind us of SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Reduction – we can’t keep eating the amounts of meat we do and that there are very healthy alternatives! After some free time, it was time to board the buses again to make our way back to Enkhuizen, where a number of emotional goodbyes took place at the car park!

My thanks to the visiting staff and pupils of both IES Ginés Pérez Chirinos and Excelsior Academy and to the DLE 3 classes who took part, the teachers who gave up their time to offer workshops, and a huge thank you to Mrs. Clarkson and Mrs. de Groot for their tireless energy all week in bringing this project from the design table to reality.