Respect begins with you and me!

Day two started with the group split in two. One half started in Enkhuizen on a Scavenger Hunt with group photos that had to be taken to solve the questions on their sheets. Each correct photo collected a letter from a 10-lettered word about RESPECT. The enthusiasm was great to see as the international cooperation in the groups took off!

The second group were immersed in an English morning programme with two actors from Phileas Fogg Theatre Company who had the group work on their confidence in language and on their self-confidence through several fun activities, resulting in hilarious new product commercials.

During the afternoon, it was time to take stock of traditions and how some traditions need to move with the times, for example, Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) and Black Peter. The history of the tradition was told and what we are changing to keep up with modern times. Our Spanish guests had no idea that the Holy Man had a residence in their capital city, Madrid!

Our second workshop had pupils reflecting on photos of individuals in society, with statistics and they were asked to Picture This! – in other words, put themselves in the shoes of the individual in the photo. Some of the statistics really drove home what some minorities in our society have to deal with on a daily basis.

Our third workshop saw some terrific grandparents come into school to discuss with the young people about life and some of the tribulations it brings and in some cases the loneliness. It was heart-warming to see how much the two generations have in common and how much respect there was for one another. Our thanks to the grandparents who took part!

With Chocolate Letters as prizes given out to all the successful answers to the Scavenger Hunt, the visiting pupils left for an afternoon with their own teachers and some free time to explore our town more!