Respect for Tradition

What a day we had! It finished with music, dancing and a tear with our goodbyes.

Our last day in Quimper started with games from the region, which the international groups played together. The games on offer ranged from a game that resembled nine-pin bowling, to a game played with pieces of slate, which had to land on a raised square platform.

After a short walk to the adjacent lycée, the morning went from good to great, as the pupils were brought into the hotel school and kitchens for a variety of activities, from rolling pastry, to piping Chantilly cream onto tartlets and even watching demonstrations of making mocktails, learning about French cheeses and watching the students add Calvados to apples and the flambé blue flame ignite.

With tasting sessions everywhere, the pupils (and their teachers) were amazed at the talent in the culinary arts school and hotel school. The professionalism of the teaching staff and students was second to none and it opened up for some of them the passion to want to do more home cooking at home – parents, you’ve been warned! 😉

After lunch, it was time to knuckle down to getting more work done on the e-book for the project and more pages of experience were added. The resulting e-books will be bound digitally and used as a final product for our time in Quimper.

Before dinner, we were in for a treat- Breton Dancing. Whilst some had ideas that that it might be a little bit old-fashioned, they were all surprised and had a whale of a time and one must admit that A3b does have a hidden talent for this form of dancing!

After dinner, it was time for some farewell music, certificates and goodbyes. It was difficult saying farewell, adieu, adios, au revoir and even harder not shedding a tear. In such a short period of time, these pupils from France, Spain and The Netherlands really showed what Erasmus+ is all about: Enriching lives and opening minds. Our pupils showed this week Respect 4 Diversity and I’m sure that they will continue to do so, long after this exchange has ended!

Our thanks to the teachers and staff of La Sablière and Le Paraclet for a terrific week of European partnership!

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