RSG scoops 1st & 2nd place in national writing competition

Our DLE(tto) 2 pupils write short stories each year as part of their creative writing programme in English. Nuffic’s Global Citizen Network, the American Book Center and the International Writers’ Collective stimulate the interest in writing short stories and sponsor the annual national competition, the Flash Fiction Challenge. Pupils are required to describe their ‘spark,’ (their inspiration for the short story) and then write their short story in no more than 150 words.

The competition has been running for the last three years and this year, Frederieke (vwo) and Jersey (havo) represented their classes and school in the national finals, where all tto-schools compete to win the coveted prize of their work in print.

This year’s entries were predominantly dystopian, however, not those of the RSG. Whilst Frederieke personified the tomato ketchup bottle having an argument with the mayonnaise jar, Jersey brought us back in time to the Salem witch trials and used ‘ye olde English’ to tell her story. The jury were delighted with the girls’ stories and they were so impressed by Jersey’s efforts to use old English and revelled in Frederike’s uplifting, fun and creative spirit. A breath of fresh air’,’ to quote Pauline van der Bilt, whose ‘spark’ it was, to set up this competition.

Our congratulations go to Jersey for her second place and to Frederieke for taking gold and also our congratulations to their teachers, Miss. Tjittes and Mrs. Clarkson for inspiring these young authors!