The Hague is visited by our young politicians!

Departures across the board at the Binnenhof are flooding the news, so the RSG Enkhuizen sent off some budding politicians to find out what it’s all about on Friday 14th July.  The pupils had some homework before their arrival and came up with ideas that they thought were important to become law. Perhaps the new government will be following up on some of their ideas!

Pro Demos welcomed the groups and led them through a range of activities making politics accessible and incredibly interactive for our teenagers, showing them how important their voice is and indeed how much power they actually have to address issues that are important to them.

Some of the groups even saw our outgoing Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte as he went about his business at Parliament, a few other politicians were seen too but seeing the Prime Minister left remained for some the highlight of their visit to The Hague.

Take a look at our gallery below!